Yeni Sleidi is taking it upon herself to make people aware of menstruation by posting pro-period ads all over New York and also handing out tampons. In addition, Sleidi is also putting up tampon dispensers around. I mean we all know it exists but why is this so important to her.

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Sleidi is apparently protesting. MTA chairman, Thomas Prendergast apparently had a lot to say about a ad that was put up that had to do with a company called Thinx. Think was advertising a pair of underwear that was designed specifically for woman on their periods. The subways in New York City The MTA then decided to approve of them. Although the ad’s were approved, the chairman stated that he found the ad’s to be offensive. Maybe he didn’t want to look at those while on a subway? Who knows!

Sleidi made a comment about how she’s also offended.

“Well, I’m offended that something as natural as menstruation is stigmatized, and that it’s considered taboo to speak about it. I’m offended that the bulk of ads are designed to make women feel inadequate or sexually objectifies them [sic]. Women bleed out of their vaginas, have body hair and take giant shits. And it’s all natural. Get over it and let us live.”

Sleidi went on to say,

“We need to move beyond shame,and being able to laugh at it is a good first step.”