College football is arguably one of the most intense sports. Coaches and players are working toward next-level goals and leave it all on the field every Saturday.

During Notre Dame’s game against Temple University, the Irish head coach, Brian Kelly totally lost his cool and took it out on assistant strength and conditioning coach, David Grimes.


Grimes, who played as receiver for Notre Dame, was shoved by Kelly and broken up by members of the team and staff. According to Kelly, he was trying to calm the sidelines.

Grimes was getting in the face of an official when Kelly got in his face, grabbed his shirt and pushed him back.

“David was going to get us a 15-yard penalty. I wasn’t going to let that happen. He got a little too close and I backed him out of the way.”

The game was already close and a 15-yard penalty would not have gone well on the sidelines. In the heat of the game everyone can get excited, but Grimes got his warning on Saturday and he’ll have to learn how to control that temper if he wants his team to prosper.

Check out the video, below!