Crazy how the ones who were built to protect us go against us. These Cops are going crazy today!
A woman in her 50’s was pulled over by a cop when she was sexually assaulted. HER 50’S! What can you possibly want with a woman in her 50’s.

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The cop accused her of driving reckless. She was told to get out of her car where she was given a pat down. He made her lift her shirt and pull her pants down because he was convinced she was hiding something. He then flashed his flashlight between her legs and made her sit in his car and face him as he exposed her.

Sadly, this is not the only woman who has been a victim of this unpolice like conduct. After a year long investigation, there has been over 1000 cops who have lost their badges because of rape charges like this. Child pornography, sexual misconduct, prohibited on-duty intercourse. These cops are going crazy! Just abusing their power.

Daniel Holtzclaw was a Oklahoma City police officer. He was fired for the heinous crime performed above.
The woman in this story told authorities that she thought he was going to kill her. Sadly, woman should not be victimized! whether by cops or any other man. Hopefully they continue to bust these dirty cops!