The world suffered the loss of Bobbi Kristina Brown earlier this year and still continue to mourn her passing while waiting for answers about exactly what caused the 22 year-old starlet to be found unconscious in the bathtub of her Atlanta home. However, no one has suffered the loss quite like her family.

Recently, her famous father Bobby Brown spoke out about how he found strength to deal with the tragic loss of his daughter through writing his upcoming book. Tonight, on Entertainment Tonight, Pat Houston, aunt to Bobbi Kristina is speaking out for the first time about the of death of her niece.

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When, Whitney Houston passed, her sister-in-law/manager really stepped up to the plate to be like a second mother to Bobbi Kristina. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pat Houston reveals that the family had recently learned about the trouble Bobbi Kristina was in and was planning an intervention before her passing. She said, “When we really found out that Krissy was in trouble, we were really making plans to do something about it,” she said the family was thinking rehab, “but it came too late.”

The big question surrounding Bobbi Kristina’s death is her relationship with boyfriend Nick Gordon. Gordon has a lawsuit filed against him claiming he gave Bobbi Kristina a “toxic cocktail” that ultimately lead to her death. The family had the doubts about Gordon far before her death, Pat Houston even filed a restraining order against him last year. She said, “I really tried to show her [that] I’m going to do this to let you know that you don’t have to be afraid of anything. I got you.'” she then spoke about the relationship between Gordon and her niece adding, “External attraction can really cause problems.”

In hindsight, there are many things Pat Houston wished she could have shared with Bobbi Kristina. One of those being, “You have to love yourself, you have to call on people and not allow someone to divide you and then conquer you.”

You can catch the full exclusive interview on Entertainment Tonight.

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