The Weeknd

Lil B has put his Based God curse on a few people in the past, but he’s stuck to athletes for the most part, and with a fairly good reason – they would do his cooking dance but not pay homage. For some reason, he’s turned his ire to The Weeknd now, though he doesn’t explain why.

“Call me Lil Bars with XO Bars
Saying f*ck The Weeknd, I can’t sing that soft”

…are some of the lines, and later in the song:

“A lot of suckers fake so I can’t respect it
F*ck The Weeknd put that on record”

He hasn’t exactly put the Based God‘s curse on him, but still – unwarranted disses are never too fun! “4 Tha Record” will live on Lil B’s upcoming mixtape, Thugged Out Pissed Off.

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