Yesterday [Nov. 4], it was reported that four students at the University of California’s Merced campus were fatally stabbed by an unknown assailant. The suspect, who “smiled” as he attacked his victims, has been identified as 18-year-old Faisal Mohammad of Santa Monica, Calif.

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Byron Price, a 31-year-old construction worker, and one of the four victims, describes Mohammad as someone who enjoyed attacking the students of UC Merced.

“He also looked like he was having fun,” Price said. “His eyes, I could see fear in his eyes. He was smiling,” he explained to Merced Sun-Star. “I looked him square in his eyes when he was attacking me.”

Price was attacked by Mohammad with a hunting knife, that has resulted in nine staples, after intervening on an attack of another victim. He admits he thought it was a fight that he would be breaking up, not a sword fight.

“I just kind of kicked at him,’ Price added. ‘It was a really big knife and he was swinging it down so I figured if I was on the ground and my feet were at him, he could get my legs and not my body.”

During a press conference on Wednesday, Sheriff Vern Warnke said that it was likely that Price’s intervening that saved the other student’s life.

All students are expected to survive the attacks.

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Faisal Mohammad was shot and killed by on-campus security.

SOURCE: Daily Mail