Lee O’Denat aka Q started World Star about ten years ago to sell mixtapes. Now it’s a household name, but slowly slipping behind sites like Snapchat and even Facebook. Q decided it’s time to revamp. Hit the jump to learn about the changes.

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World Star is not quite on the Vine or Snapchat level of popularity. But, it’s still entertaining. Q wants to make it absolutely and irrefutably top of the line.

Q explained his reasons for setting out to improve WorldStar. “I tell myself all the time: Nothing is guaranteed. Mike Tyson was No. 1 once. Michael Jordan. But they’re not No. 1 right now, you know what I’m saying?”

Q has with investors who throw millions at him. Even P. Diddy showed interest. He flew O’Denat out to his NYC home and offered him $40 million to be World Star’s new public representative.

However, O’Denat turned it down because he would like to be the public figure World Star claims. At the end of the day, Q says World Star will focus on improving the site’s channels and making content interesting for viewers. He also will make moves to become a more public figure and bring his beloved site along for the ride.

Source: NY Times