Recently there has been talk of possible exploitation with Chicago Rapper Chief Keef. He has always been controversial, especially with the crime and violence in Chicago rising in the past years.


When speaking to Rhymefest, he had a lot to say about the artist,

“When I look at Chief Keef I clearly see someone who has autism.”

Rhymefest, one of the top writers in the game, known for working with artists like Kanye West and Common also had this to say,

“He’s exploited, I think many rappers these days have afflictions, such as Asperger’s, bipolar disorder, or autism. They need advocates, but we turn it into entertainment. The media is turning autism into entertainment…. He needs an advocate. But someone put him out there and exploited that child.”

Justin Hunte from HiphopDX recently was able to sit down with one of FilmOn Music’s A&R’s Grant Zimmerman. Grant also worked with Keef on his Bang 3 project, Justin asked Grant about the accusations of Keef’s exploitation. Grant responded

“Ain’t nobody exploiting Chief Keef,” he said. “Chief Keef happens to be a real talented dude and people are engaged in what he does. Not just they’re engaged in what he does with social media, even beyond that he’s super talented and that’s why people are drawn to him. I don’t think any of that negative talk about him has any relevance.”

So Zimmerman says he is not being exploited what do you think?