It’s common knowledge around the NBA that Lebron is not a fan of the sleeved jerseys the league keeps trying to push. So when he ripped the sleeves right off the jersey during the Cavs game with the Knicks, most people assumed it was because he was uncomfortable. Bron has bigger arms than most players and he has complained of the tight feel before. Turns out however, this case was something different.


Bron says he didn’t rip the sleeves because he was uncomfortable; he was just frustrated with his own play and didn’t know what else to do.

“I think it’s all mental and I think it has nothing to do with the jersey. First of all, I was frustrated with my play. I couldn’t make a shot. I was struggling. So the only thing that came to mind was the jersey. I love the jersey they were awesome. They looked great on TV. They looked great when we put them on. Hopefully the fans love them. We haven’t been in black in a long time, so it was all cool.”

James then blamed people for taking his Hulk Hogan-esque move out of context.

“What people failed to realize is that I also took off my arm sleeve because I was just frustrated with my game, but don’t nobody fail to mention that.”

James finished the video by being a good employee and making a sales pitch.

“Fans, go out by those jerseys cause those things are nice but don’t tear them up like I did tonight. That’s not cool.”

So in short, Bron ripped the sleeves most likely because he really just hates them like we already know but he realized he has to make good for the league so they can sell more jerseys.