What better way to show your support for a presidential hopeful than to throw a backyard shindig in their honor? Well, that’s exactly what the famed “Beautiful” songstress did recently.

Christina Aguilera (soon to return to “The Voice”) just threw democratic presidential prospect Hillary Clinton a fundraiser in her backyard…and of course sang a song or two including hits “Beautiful” and “Say Something”. Attendees including the likes of Katy Holmes and Lil Wayne’s ex, Christina Milian paid anywhere from $500 to $10,000 to rub elbows with Clinton. I wonder how much was raised. According to Fuse TV, it’s over a million bucks.

Have you thought about who you’d vote for yet? Time is of the essence. Pay attention.


Who wouldn’t be in awe of this brilliant woman? Thank you to everyone who made last night as magical as it was.

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