For the first time since he checked himself into a rehab facility to help fight his alcohol abuse, Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia opened up and spoke on some of the reasons he decided it was time to put his addiction to an end.


“I would go a couple, you know, two, three months at a time sober, and then I would just relapse, and, you know, go on these weekends when I thought nobody was paying attention, and I would get in a hotel room and drink out of the minibar, pretty much everything,” he said.

Sabathia announced on Oct. 5 that he was checking into an alcohol rehabilitation center and would miss the postseason. He said Friday that it was the first time he had sought treatment.

“I feel like I was just tired of hiding,” Sabathia said. “I just felt such a relief that everybody knows now.”

Sabathia said the catalyst for his decision to seek help came the last weekend of the season, when he stayed in his room and drank. He said he woke up that Sunday and “just felt like I needed help.”

He decided to enter rehab just as the Yanks were getting ready to play the Astros in a one game playoff and he addressed people who took issue with that as well.

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He also expressed thanks to guys like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and even non Yankees like Tori Hunter and David Ortiz for being there for him.

We are just glad he is feeling better and can keep progressing forward.