Frank Sinatra

Pablo Escobar legacy continues to grow. Even Rich Homie Quan recently got a tattoo of the Pablo’s face on his arm. Now his son Sebastian Marroquín has made new claims about his father’s connections to Frank Sinatra. Hit the jump for more.

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Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s son is now claiming singer Frank Sinatra was his dad’s business partner.

Sebastian Marroquín described Sinatra as a “better cocaine dealer than singer” in an interview with a Brazilian newspaper. He claims that the singer was one of Pablo’s partners in Miami.

When asked how he knew this information Marroquin told newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo:

There are more singers than you can imagine that began their careers thanks to the sponsorship of drug traffickers.

There are no receipts, just words. I know because I was very close to my father and he and his partners always spoke about that.

I can tell you that Sinatra was a better cocaine dealer than a singer. He was one of the partners of my father in Miami.

He then goes on to talk about how drug trafficking works.

Drugs cartels only exist below Mexico’s border with the United States.

Where is the Miami cartel? Or the New York cartel? Who is the head of the Chicago or Los Angeles cartels?

Each kilo of cocaine that enters the United States is converted into eight with the help of poison. There’s a great amount of hypocrisy when it comes to drugs.

Frank Sinatra’s links to the Mafia have been well-publicised, although former 007 Roger Moore insisted last year the ties were exaggerated and were rumours based on unknown visitors having their picture taken with the singer in his dressing room.