The license plates that were on the car President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in, have sold this weekend for much more than they were up to bid for. Read the full story after the jump.

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When President Kennedy was driving in a convertible through Dallas and was assassinated in 1963, thousands of conspiracy stories were birthed about what happened to the car and where it’s belongings were sent. One story that many believe is that the limousine was sent for upgrades to a Cincinnati company popular to retrofit presidential limos.

So what happened to the license plates? They were ‘discarded’ once the new plates arrived, but the company’s owner, Willard Hess, retrieved them from the trash. Maybe that’s where the ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ moniker came from…?

Hess stored the original plates between books on his bookshelf and eventually gave them to his daughter. She than kept them in a drawer in her Ohio kitchen and ultimately offered them up for auction.

Noah Fleisher from Heritage Auctions, said on Saturday the plates started at $40,000 and ended up being sold for $100,000, to the winning auctioneer who has asked to remain anonymous. What we do know about the new owner, is that he is a “high-end Kennedy collector” of memorabilia.

To the victor go the spoils!