Mega-mansion developer Danny Fitzgerald takes us inside Hollywood’s Most Infamous Party House and details inside information only those who’ve entered would have access to. Check the vid after the jump.

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One of his four glass and steel mega mansions in the Hollywood Hills, sits developer Danny Fitzgerald’s giant mansion- party home to everyone from Justin Bieber to the Weeknd, Nelly, and so on and so forth. The mansion resides on 46,000 square feet of land, with 51 bathrooms, 32 bedrooms, and also a club that packs out 300 people.

This Hollywood party home has hosted housing for several tv shows from American Idol, X-Factor, among several other reality shows. The mansion can be rented out at $40,000 per month.

Many have been calling it the “New Playboy Mansion” (watch out Hef), due to it’s overwhelming party animal reputation as well as countless angry phone calls from local residents complaining about noise, music, public sex and urination, an alleged gun…you know all the usual stuff. OH! A lion as well.

Fitzgerald states he understand the nuisance of the lion but everything else is typical party behavior for a Hollywood mega banger. Fitzgerald had some choice words for his neighbors who keep getting him into trouble:

“I call them a vigilante group. They don’t want anyone having fun.”

Fitzgerald also said he would be happy to leave the home….if someone bought it for $50 Million. Fitzgerald know this is out of any smart real estate connoisseur’s range and does not plan to budge on the move.

As of now, Fitzgerald has endured all the citations and nuisance letters received, but now police are involved. Authorities say he will be criminally liable if he keeps piling on the citations.

Fitzgerald must have a plan because he doesn’t plan on stopping this endless party.

After all – “It wasn’t Pleasantville. It was Hollywood.” – Danny Fitzgerald

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