50 Cent is a character! He seems to be making headlines a lot lately. Between his recent ongoing feud with Rick Ross to now being Raunchy on national television. 50 is definitely staying relevant, thats for sure!

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50 Cent has just made an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show.” While on the show he talked about the shooting he was engaged in back in 2000. In April of 2000, 50 was attacked by a gunman outside of his grandmothers home. He was hit with nine bullets during the shooting. Ouch ! His video, “9 Shots,” retold the story of the night the horrible incident occurred. He was shot in the hand, arm, hips, both legs, chest, and in his left cheek. The bullet that was put through his left cheek still remains in his tongue.

50 said,

“I got hit in the face. So the fragment portion of it is in my tongue. It kinda changed the way I speak a little bit.”

While on “The Graham Norton Show,” he spoke about the sexual advantages that the bullet in his tongue gives him. He said,

“Yeah, it’s great for oral sex. I’m a better man now, trust me,”

Julie Walters got a chance to stick her finger in 50’s mouth to get a feel.

Source: Vibe