Jaw-dropping indeed. Watch this hilarious video of grandma living her life to the fullest and losing her dentures some thousands of feet up in the sky.

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Virgina grandmother, Polly Chester, was checking off an item on her bucket list by sky-diving this past weekend. The 72 year-old daredevil successfully attempted the feat, but was at a loss for words mid-air when her dentures literally went flying as well, hitting the instructor in the head to add insult to injury.

Chester explained the hilarious scenario to Fox News with positivity and boldness:

“When I shut my mouth, they were gone and I said some naughty words. I didn’t feel them fall out. I just realized they were gone. The guy behind me says ‘they hit me in my head.’… I’m glad I didn’t knock him out.”

Although the dentures are going to cost more than the dive itself, at $975, grams has no regrets and she gives some life advice to anyone watching:

“Live your life to the best. You don’t have it but once and enjoy it, get a lot of laughs.”

And a lot of laughs we got Polly. Hmm, I wonder where they landed?

Check out the video here: