Know someone you really don’t like? Or someone’s been real naughty this holiday season? Well now you can forget the coal and just order them a nice wrapped box of feces! WOO! Okay okay enough, I wish this was a joke but people will really make a come up off anything nowadays, that includes selling a healthy pile of feces, from a variety of animals, to anyone on your list. This holiday season just got really, really exciting… to say the least.

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Okay now I’m sure we’ve heard of some sick and twisted pranks here and there from people just trying to make jokes and whatnot. But uhm… what if these “pranks” can come to your doorsteps in the form of a gift this holiday season. Now it really be “Tis the season to be jolly” or else… because now you can send people animal poop as a gift! If that doesn’t say I hate you, I honestly don’t know what does. The company is called (hmmmmygod I’m not lying) “Shitexpress”. The CEO of the company literally has one known sentence for a press release for the company saying, “Yes, it’s legit.” The Hong Kong-based service launched in November 2014 and now officially has made enough revenue to stay on the market. That means yes, people are buying this stuff. In fact, CEO Peter (no last name disclosed – no surprise) told The Huffington Post, his firm earned $10,000 in its first month and has made more than 2,500 shipments. Please keep in mind, for any interested buyers: the orders cost $16.95 for shipping to many places around the world, and can be done anonymously.

The company’s website says you should send the poo to “An annoying colleague. A teacher. The ex-girlfriend.The tyrannical boss. The jealous neighbor. Or former classmate.” But the company made sure to put the disclaimer that warns people that it is a gag and should not be used to harass, intimidate or violate a restraining order.

One of the weirdest, yet funniest, thing is that the most unusual package so far was someone who included a wedding ring with the poop… I wonder how that worked out… Well either way please, try not to be “naughty” this holiday season… don’t say I didn’t warn ya!