Uh oh….looks like Vivica Fox is throwing shade tonight at 50 Cent on Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen. As we all know 50 cent is very opinionated and loves to keep it real no matter what the case may be but Fox has a few words for him about his comments towards the hit Fox show Empire. Read more after the jump.

Instagram | Carli Knox

Vivia Fox went on Watch What Happpen’s live tonight and was throwing a whole lot of shade. But not only was she throwing shade but she was hinting that rapper 50 Cent is gay. 50 cent has made some remarks about the show Empire and their drop in ratings for their second season saying it was “gay stuff”. But Vivica clapped back with “its the pot calling the kettle back”. *sips tea* What are you trying to say Vivica? She also brought up the Soulja Boy and 50 Cent XXL cover saying that 50 looked like a “booty snatcher.” She took it a little far and now is getting pretty messy if you ask me. Now if I am bot mistaken 50 Cent and Ms.Fox had a fling going on at one point. Maybe Vivica is trying to be relevant again…..bye felicia! But all I know is that I have my popcorn, tea and shot of Effin Vodka ready for when 50 responds to her comments.

Source: Watch What Happens Live Heavy