Youtube comedian, Nicole Arbour, created a video titled “Dear Black People” where she confronts many of the the claims black people have made about stereotypes and she gives a response to each claim. Now initially it seems funny, but eventually any black person would get offended by the insensitivity displayed in the video. The video discusses cultural appropriation, and basically makes blackness seem like an outfit you can wear and change as you please.

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In the video Arbour pokes fun at real issues happening in the African-American community and basically tries blacks seem delusional. So far, the video has more dislikes than likes and the comments aren’t too friendly either.

See the video for yourself below:

This is a pure example of someone who has NO IDEA! It is easy to say that racial profiling is a figment of people’s imagination when you’re on the other side of the fence. From the video, she’s clearly the white person that claims not to be racist because they have a black friend, but in all actuality she is.

Cultural appropriation is real and if you want to adopt parts of the black culture you can’t forget to adopt the black voice along with it. The voice that stands up for what’s right when a kid is killed in a park for playing with a toy gun or when a young man is profiled as suspicious for being black at night with a hoodie on. Blackness is not something you wear when you feel like it, and that is why so many African-Americans get upset when cultural appropriation happens.

This isn’t the first time the youtube sensation has been under fire for her insensitive and down-right disrespectful videos; prior to this video she shared a “Dear Fat People” video that many were angry about. Something feels like part of this video was done for her to express herself and the other part was done for views because of course this topic would be passed around.