A 1995 deal with Universal Music, formerly BMG, has Mobb Deep’s Prodigy filing court papers as he is owed almost $60K in royalties. The “Power Rap” rapper says that the label is snatching 50% of his solo royalties from projects outside of the group.

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The ’95 contract signed by both Prodigy and Havoc says that the label would take 50% royalties from any future projects; including albums and singles. However, the label has been taking ends from Peodigy’s solo material. The New York artist has filed a lawsuit asking for his $57,489 in royalties back and lawyer’s fees.

Hmm … anything with the words FUTURE and SIGNATURE in it, stay away from. Back in the day, these labels tried it.

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Could this be the reason fans are hearing very little on what’s to come from the duo’s release of a 2016 album? I mean, come on.