Cam Newton may have thought it was petty of Packers fans to travel to Charlotte and hang a big banner inside the Panthers stadium, so he decided to tear it down. They didn’t take kind to that act and called the police on Cam, claiming the $500 they spent on the banner definitely wasn’t petty. They also revealed how “Ghetto” they think he is.


“There’s a Green Bay banner in Bank of America Stadium,” Newton said, via Richard Walker of the Gaston Gazette. “That don’t match. I feel it’s my due diligence to protect this house.

“We played in Green Bay last year and I didn’t see no ‘Panther Country’ signs up there.”

Of course, that’s not even a subtle nod to his Under Armour sponsorship, but it’s also an accurate portrayal of what happened Sunday. Newton lacks a fast food deal (he has attached his name and face to a fruit and vegetable campaign, however), but he later added that: “You’re not going to sell a Whopper at McDonald’s.”

David Sessoms, the man who owned the banner said they weren’t happy about “evil” Newton’s “blatant disregard” for their property. Sessoms also posted about the incident on his personal Facebook page, where he called Newton “ghetto” and an “a—hole.”

Some of Newton’s teammates have tried to take blame for him tearing the banner down, saying they amped him up to do it inside their own stadium. None of this really matters in the end. The fan should be realistic enough to know that in opposing NFL stadiums, you truly are an enemy. Doubtful the police will spend much time with this report.

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