Ever since Jidenna came on the scene earlier this year, people have said he resembles rapper The Game. (Certainly not in the way he dresses, though!) The comparisons were noted so often, in fact, that Game decided what better Halloween costume to do than Jidenna himself!

Decked out in the fanciest suit he could find and even dying his hair and beard, Game was a Classic Man for the evening, but how did Jidenna feel about it? Well, he loved it!

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

“The Game looked clean as hell,” Jidenna told DX Daily. “I saw the IG and I was like, I actually thought it was myself. I was dressed as the Grinch so that’s definitely not me. First of all, I respect The Game. He’s trail-blazed for artists like myself. I appreciate him having living in L.A. myself and knowing what he stands for and what he stood for. I really like all his new work by the way. It was cool. I actually shouted him out today on the show.”

What did you think of Game’s costume?