iHeartMedia’s Lifestyle Health and Wellness Expo was a celebration of being healthy, and a time to “learn how to live life to the fullest,” according to one of the guest celebrities, Dr. Oz.

Along with The Dr. Oz Show host at the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, were a slew of other celebrities to promote the lifestyle, including Jeanette Jenkins, the ‘Hollywood Trainer’ and R&B singer Ashanti.

Ashanti gave us a clue as to how she keeps her body right and tight as she spoke with Fox 5 New. “With all the toxins and steroids and all the nastiness that’s happening around us it’s really important for us to be healthy from the inside out,” she explains.

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In addition to the all natural regimen, Ashanti discusses her #DrinkUp campaign with Michelle Obama. “We really want to motivate people to continue to drink more water,” Ashanti said, according to RollingOut. “It’s the cool choice, it’s the sexy choice, and it is actually very healthy.”

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