Drew University adds itself to the list of school’s that wants no parts of the growing Bill Cosby dilemma. Although the university’s board of trustees voted on October 23rd to revoke the comedian’s honorary degree, thy are just now revealing the fact upon a NJ.com reporter’s inquisition.

Kira Poplowski, Drew University’s spokesperson, explained that Cosby’s sworn in admission of using quaaludes on some women go against their values and standards.


Talk about another tarnished reputation; Along with Brown and Baylor Universities, Drexel University is among the growing list of colleges that have revoked the honorary degrees given to Bill Cosby

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Amidst sexual assault allegations, Drexel concludes that they are not willing to associate themselves with the comedian. In a statement posted to the university’s website, President John A. Fry says that upon reviewing information in a deposition given by Cosby, the values of the university are not shared with that of Cosby’s.

Fry continues with the following:

“Universities are critical arenas in the movement to recognize and address sexual violence and misconduct as a societal problem. Drexel takes that responsibility very seriously, and the decision to revoke Mr. Cosby’s honorary degree flows from that responsibility.”

SOURCE: Page Six

The honorary degree from Drexel was given to Cosby, who was a keynote speaker at the time, in 1992. 13 years; stripped.