Oh my, this is looking M E S S Y!

Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star Mally Mall has been in the news a lot lately for allegedly being a pimp (which I have gotten the conformation from my own resources and it is 100% factual) and a lo of other horrible things. To add to the dirt being thrown on his name, he has now been publicly outed by popular transgender urban model, Shauna Brooks, for having some type of relationship.

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She took to her Instagram and posted up screenshots from both DM convos and FaceTime calls with Mally Mall. Apparently she told Nikki Mudarris, the ex-girlfriend of Mall, all about their affair and he then cut her off for exposing him. She has since then deleted the posts off her page.

The music producer has yet to comment on the rumors or make any type of statement, but screenshots barely lie.

Check out all of the drama in the gallery. LAWWWWWWWWD… Mona – where you at with the cameras?! This is getting good!