WELP, this is different.

Kent State University in Ohio has been casting for a play about Martin Luther King Jr.’s life they’re calling “The Mountaintop.” However, their version is a tad bit different from what we’re used to seeing. They casted a white man to star as the leading role. A white MLK? Ummm….

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Martin Luther definitely did a lot to put an end to racism but to have a white man play the iconic civil right’s activist kind of defeats the entire point of the play.

A student at the school, Katori Hall, put her school on blast for their “tone deaf” casting as they called it.

“The casting of a white King is committing yet another erasure of the black body,” Hall said. “Sure, it might be in the world of pretend, but it is disrespectful nonetheless.”

She continued by saying, “The actor playing King stood there, hands outstretched, his skin far from chocolate but a creamy buff. At first glance I was like, ‘Unh-uh, maybe he light-skinned. Don’t punish the brother for being able to pass.'”


Source: NYDailyNews