According to Campbell Soup Company, small pieces of red plastic from part of the cans’ lining surfaced in a small number of cans. So, they are recalling 350,000 SpaghettiOs. Hit the jump for information on how to tell if a can was recalled.

Emma Rabid: Twitter ~ Instagram

Campbell Soup Company received about fifty phone calls so far regarding red plastic found in SpaghettiOs. Any can with a February 2017 expiration date and a UPC code 51000 22432 under the bar code got recalled. SpaghettiOs in the following states are most probably containing red plastic: Colorado, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona, California, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Idaho, Tennessee and Arkansas,

Recalled cans should not be eaten. Instead, return them to the store where purchased for a refund.

Source: ABC