A gruesome crime scene was discovered this week, when a woman found one dead baby- which led to an apartment full of them. Hit the jump for the full story.

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The corpses of eight infants were discovered Friday in an apartment in Germany’s state of Bavaria.

The babies had been wrapped in towels and placed inside plastic bags, officials said. Authorities are now on the hunt to find not only the murderer(s), but the woman who last lived in the home.

Police spokesman Jurgen Stadter, stated a woman called from the town Wallenfels Thursday about discovering one body, which led to authorities going to the apartment and discovering an additional seven dead babies.

The same police agency reported on their website later in the day that after the initial call, all dead infants were found in the same manner: wrapped in towels and placed in plastic bags.

Martin Dippold, a state prosecutor in Coburg, did not disclose where police retrieved the bodies, how old they were, how long they’ve been there, or any cause and time of death.

Dippold did reveal, “The (bodies) are in poor condition.”

No one has been arrested yet in the connection to the murdering, as officials await forensic lab reports which could provide beneficial information to a lot of unanswered questions.

The current person-of-interest is a 45-year old woman, who is believed to be the mother of all 8 children.

Wallenfels is a town approximately 80 miles north of Nuremberg and 110 miles south of Leipzig. It is in the eastern part of Bavaria, the southeastern German state (a.k.a Bayern), bordering the Czech Republic and Austria.