Lil Scrappy has just about had it with Wendy Williams. The Love & Hip-Hop star has took to Instagram to let out his frustration as he accuses Wendy of bashing her own people.

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Scrappy apparently feels super strong about the way Wendy Williams talks about black people on her show “The Wendy Williams Show.” Wendy recently was on her show putting in her two cents about the Bill Cosby Case and also a few of the reality stars on the hit show, “Married to Medicine.” She then went on to talk about Missy Elliot coming back with a new hit. She called Missy “irrelevant” and basically said she has no business trying to make a comeback in the game. Wendy actually received a lot of backlash for her comments on Twitter but we all know Wendy is not phased. This woman gets paid to throw shade. I highly doubt a few Twitter mentions and a IG comment from Lil Scrappy is going to stop Wendy from doing what she does best and thats dishing out dirt.
Scrappy’s Instagram post read,

“Everybody go check this lady Wendy williams out I just seen her destroy her own people on her show. She went against Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad already and now she just shitted on the black women on married to medicine and then talk bad and downplay @missymisdemeanorelliott sayin the young kids Dnt Knw her and then try and say her video better than the song like she giving her credit but she still bashing blacks and say all the great things about all the other races so fuck u @wendyshow that shit crazy somebody going to bash you and your legacy one day love u cause your black but hate the way u act.”

Source: HipHopDX