Over the last four years, Shonda Rhimes has become a household name as the producer behind the scenes of Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to Get Away with Murder continues to shock us week after week, season after season.

In a recent interview, Rhimes opened up on the disappearance of one of our favorite characters by admitting that she killed him off because she didn’t like him (outside of the role).


While we wish that she would’ve share more details, Rhimes did not air out the name of the actor that she admits to firing.

“I’m not naming names.”

Producing a successful primetime show is tough, but producing THREE successful primetime shows, that’s talent.

Rhimes is the mastermind behind three of our favorite shows, and they all air on the same night! Rhimes revamped ABC’s Thursday night lineup, when she unleashed Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder.

Throughout all three shows, we’ve seen multiple deaths of male characters, some we loved and some we didn’t. Nonetheless, one of those actors did not meet the Rhimes standard.

Some of the former Shondaland employees include, Columbus Short, Patrick Dempsy, and Tom Verica.

Whoever Shonda cut out of her roster, we’re clearly not missing them because all three shows have continued to flourish and she’s kept our eyes glued to the screen week after week.

“There is no real finish line,” she said of her journey. “There is no way for there to be one because now everything feels possible now. Now that I know what happens when you say yes, how could I possibly go back to saying no?”

Are we looking at 10 more seasons of Scandal? I don’t think I can handle that!