Previously, we covered a story on the creative College Gameday signs that surface week after week during ESPN’s college football coverage. This week, students and players across the country acted quickly and designed their own ways of sending love and support for the victims and families of the Paris bombings.


ESPN’s College Gameday tweeted that the only sign they would share on their Twitter page was one of a peace sign with the French flag colors outlining the Eiffel Tower.

The Army team ran out carrying an American and a French flag.

Quarterback at Oklahoma State University, Cardale Jones also drew the Eiffel peace sign on the side of his cleats and posted the flick via Twitter.

It’s pretty refreshing when everything society cares about seems to be superficial and fake, and suddenly we can come out of our own bubble and realize that there’s a whole world going on around us.

Check the gallery for pictures of the social media posts and supportive signs.