The highest selling female rapper of all time has scored herself yet another colossal payday. But, like yesterday and the day before and the day before that, there’s another lawsuit. Nicki is now in the eye of the storm this time after she reportedly botched an appearance at the club that paid her BIG TIME – and in advance. Find out the full story after the jump.

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Let’s take it back to May 2, 2015 – fight night for the highest grossing boxing match in history. Every star was either betting or making a ton of loot off of club appearances that night – including Ms. Nicki Minaj.

After the event, Nicki was scheduled to make an appearance at Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV at the Paris hotel, stay for ONE hour, and perform only TWO songs. How much does that usually cost? Uhhh…well if your Nicki Minaj – $236,000.

The N.Y femcee was booked to start the show at 12:00 A.M sharp, but didn’t arrive until 1:19 A.M. Nicki than only stayed for a whopping 34 minutes- in comparison to the 60 minutes she was pre-paid for.

Minaj was apparently late for a “very important date”, in reason of why her slot only lasted a half hour.

Clubgoers as well as owners were equally frustrated with the scenario, stating her tardiness effected the club’s ability to sell V.I.P tables that night – which would have brought in another $25,000.

Now the case is being brought to court for the club to get back the big payday for the mega- star. Although on the lawsuit Nicki is not the defendant, her booking company Pink Personality, LLC., is.

No word back yet from Nicki’s camp.