After the attacks on Paris this Friday , social media users from all over took it upon themselves to show their concern and condolences for the people of Paris. They did this with the hashtag #PrayForParis but an artist by the name of Jean Jullien took it a step further and created a drawing of the Eiffel Tower as a peace sign. He then uploaded a picture of it on twitter and the symbol quickly went viral.

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At first the drawing was wrongly attributed to artist Bansky. But it was french graphic designer Jean Jullien of London who took it to Twitter to tweet the photo just after the attack. Along with the photo he sent a message that read ” Peace for Paris ” and it spread quickly.

Many celebrities like Jamie Oliver , Billie Joe Armstrong and Harry Styles to name a few, used Julliens photo to express their condolences for the victims and people of Paris. Kim K took it to instagram to repost the photo with the caption #Prayforparis .

Jullien says it was immediately after he heard the news of the attack that he was lead to create this image..

“It was my most direct reaction. Usually when I draw I make an image that will make people laugh, or communicate”

adding …

“But this time I felt like communicating something that made me and everybody very upset. It was just my way of sharing my reaction, of sharing a need for peace and solidarity in the face of such a disaster.”

When it comes to people mistaken his work for someone else’s Jullien says,

“I didn’t care. It’s not the time to claim ownership, or a price on something. It’s not a time for concerns like that.
It wasn’t a piece to promote myself, sell anything or get anything. It was meant to be used freely, to encourage peace in Paris and peace in general.”

And when it comes down to reaction his photo has received he says…

“I wish I could say it feels great, but given the circumstances I can’t. I feel completely shocked, angry, and sad. It’s the most horrible circumstance for my work to be getting attention.”

Source: Telegraph.co