France is being hit from all angles this weekend..SMH.. After trying to recover from yesterdays attacks, they will now have to focus on the high speed train that just derailed a few hours ago leaving atleast 10 people dead and many injured.

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According to Reuters, the train was moving at an excessively high speed. 32 people were reportedly injured. The have not yet found out why the train was going at the speed it was going, however, it has been reported that all of the passengers were employees of the SNCF national railways. Part of the train is shown in pictures lodged into a canal. The pictures also show parts of the train laying all over and also rescue squad workers tending to the needs of the injured passengers. Police divers were also called to the scene to make sure that no one was found inside of the canal. The train was running as a trial test.

The train would go from Paris to Strasbourg. When it derailed, it was near the German border. Feels so crazy to keep saying this but again lets keep Paris in our prayers this weekend. I really hope this is it for them. They already have so much to bear on their hearts and this accident has not made it any better.


Source: Reuters