The Kardashian’s are in the media constantly. From the shoes they are wearing to the men they are dating the sisters always seem to be the topic of discussion. People love to spread rumors as if they were facts. Some people are saying that the Kardashian’s brought in cameras into Lamar Odom’s hospital room. How crazy is that? Read more after the jump to see what Kim said about Lamar and Scott.

Instagram | Carli Knox

In a recent interview Kim said

“There’s been ridiculous stories that we brought the cameras to the hospital, I mean I think the one thing that people don’t understand about our family is we do share so much, but we do keep a lot of things private.”

Just saying that out loud seems crazy. If the Kardashian’s wanted to film Lamar Odom on a hospital bed can you imagine a hospital allowing a reality TV crew though the doors given the situation that is at hand? Neither can I.

Kim also spoke in older sister’s Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick, and how she is dealing with their break up.

“Scott is family, too. He’ll always be in our lives so we want the best for him. He’s getting help and he’s been doing so good and that makes me happy too … She is so strong. You know she’s raising the three kids. You know, it’s really hard. You never thought this cycle would really end of Kourtney and Scott. Kind of the same thing for ten years. To see her really take a stand for herself and how she wants her kids to view her as someone that’s strong. I just respect her so much.”

It looks like we’ll be seeing how all of this goes down on Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the new season air’s tonight on E!

Source: Fish Wrapper