With the devastating attack on French soil that took place on Friday, France has refused to sit this one out and plans to pursue action against ISIS in an attempt to make them pay for the pain they’ve inflicted. So France has gon full throttle against the terrorist organization: French fighter jets bombed a series of ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, in what officials are describing as a major bombardment.

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With the attack that had made the world stood still on Friday, November the 13th, France had mourned the lost of over a hundred lives taken at the hands of an ISIS planned terrorist attack. Isis took full responsibility for these horrible attacks labeling them the “First of The Storm.” and added insult to injury by calling France the “capital of prostitution and obscenity.” In a response to such horrific attacks and claims, France’s President described as “an act of war.” Within two days of the incident, France has sent fighter jets to bomb numerous areas speculated to be controlled by ISIS, and the targets included a command center, a recruitment center, an ammunition storage base and a training camp for the terror group. ISIS claims Raqqa as the capital of its so-called caliphate. Twelve aircraft, including 10 fighter jets, were involved in Sunday’s airstrikes, twenty bombs were dropped, he said, and all of the targets were destroyed; it’s safe to say the goal for France has been accomplished, prayers are needed more than ever however as one can only imagine what this retaliation may have ignited in this global dispute. May we hope no more lives are in the balance with these acts of warfare on both ends. Look to the gallery to see images of France’s calculated plans in action.

Source: CNN