Saturday night in Australia, undefeated Woman’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey lost her bout with a vicious kick that landed her in the hospital. Check the vids after the jump.

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Rousey was knocked out but did not suffer a concussion from the kick, just a gaping hole in her lip.

The then undefeated champion was on a mission to continue her path of destruction with an endgame of retiring undefeated, when Holm literally made her eat those words with a devastating kick to the jaw, shortly into the 2nd round.

The fight apparently broke all records for the UFC at their 193rd event, including most pay-per-view orders from bars that bought the fight.

Rousey was taken to an Australian hospital where she was cleared with no serious injuries and is currently seeking the best plastic surgeon in the area to stitch up her lip.

Check out the videos:

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Do I sense a rematch?