Now that the cat is out of the bag there needs to be justification. It was reported that Charlie Sheen is expected o reveal an previous HIV diagnosis; I say the word previously loosely since sources have claimed that the actor has taken meds since, and is now clear of the virus.

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Sources explain to TMZ that Sheen has known of his diagnoses for more than two years now. However, he’s broken no law by not revealing initial positive test results because the meds he has taken has made the virus “undetectable” but we all know that’s incorrect. Doctors say that once you have the virus, you have the virus forever.

Tsk Tsk Charlie Sheen.

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Sheen’s ex, Bree Olsen wrote on her personal website that she has no signs of the virus.

“I, myself have been to my gynecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always been tested across the board for everything and have came back clean across the board every time,” she writes.