With everything said and done, involving the assault case on Busta Rhymes, the Steel Gym employee that accused the rapper of the watering harm is opening up about the incident caught on film.

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Steel Gym employee, Olegario “Ole” Hernandez talks to The Post about the August day he encountered the beastly rapper. It’s being said that Busta’s ill actions stemmed from ill feelings from a few days prior. Hernandez has told Busta’s cameraman that he was not allowed in the gym without permission.

“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes!” Hernandez recalls the rapper yelling. “I’m the real ni**a! You’re a f**king f*got, you are a pussy! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f**k you up,” he adds.

Hernandez says that Busta was absolutely correct in telling who he was. “I don’t even know who he is,” Hernandez sniffed. “I am a Mexican, I like mariachi. I don’t like rap.” Lol.

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Rhymes was arrested for felony assault, however, he managed to get a deal with prosecutors so that he didn’t have to do any jail time.