“I’ll give you five across your lips,” rolling off the tongue of Tracy Morgan would be something I sure would love to see. The Lee Daniels-directed upcoming biopic of Richard Pryor may have 30 Rock actor Tracy Morgan cast as funny man Redd Foxx.

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After making a comeback from the accident that landed him in critical condition, Morgan has made appearances at multiple outlets, including his return to Saturday Night Live; he’s now negotiating a contract in his role as Foxx.

“Mr. Foxx, I hope I do you justice!” said Morgan in a statement, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “It will be an honor to portray an icon.”

Players already cast include, Mike Epps as Pryor; Kate Hudson playing his wife Jennifer; and Taraji P. Henson and Eddie Murphy as Pryor’s parents.

Comedy in the gallery above.

The Sanford & Son comedian is known for delivering stand-up in some of the most vulgar of ways, but has left a longstanding mark on the industry.