When it comes to a list, there will always be some agreements and some disagreements; this time is no different. In what will be a great debate, Billboard has compiled their annual 10 Greatest Rappers of All Time list, and well, there are a few replaceable artists, in my opinion; and Snoop Dogg’s opinion.

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Billboard’s 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time:

10. Lil Wayne
9. Kendrick Lamar
8. Ghostface Killah
7. Lauryn Hill
6. Andre 3000
5. Nas
4. Rakim
3. Eminem
2. Jay Z
1. Notoious B.I.G.

Billboard places Biggie at the bottom for the following reason:

Death at a young age can often elevate a rapper from modern-day star to bona fide legend. But Notorious B.I.G. already attained the latter status early on his career. His storytelling rhymes mined straight from his experiences in the Brooklyn streets materialized on 1994’s insta-classic Ready to Die, a wild mosaic of vividly visual rhymes delivered with the expertise of a linguistic master. By the time his group album with Junior M.A.F.I.A. dropped the following year, and his ambitious sophomore double-disc album Life After Death bowed just six days after his passing in March 1997, he’d already earned his title as the greatest rapper of all time. Unlike everyone else on this list, Biggie never dropped a single bad song, or a single errant bar.

According to Snoop:

This is so disrespectful. !! Whoever did this list need a swift kick in the Ass. No. Tupac. Come on cuz ?. Jus my opinion

#IJS: Just my opinion as well, Snoop. Tupac is my number one, therefore, I’m not satisfied with the list. It’s an overall thing for me. It’s about lyrics; character; style; storytelling; etc. Tupac does it for me.

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