State police arrested Alexander Bernstein for cocaine possession during a traffic stop. Turns out it was just homemade soap. Bernstein spent a month in jail, but never actually had any cocaine. Pennsylvania state police mistook homemade soap packages for cocaine. Hit the jump to find out how much Bernstein is suing for in damages.

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Alexander Bernstein spent 29 days in jail after Pennsylvania state police arrested him. Not only did the police pin nonexistent cocaine on him, but Berstein was not even the one driving the Mercedes-Benz during the traffic stop. Police claimed they smelled marijuana, so they searched the vehicle. They found no marijuana but did find packages of homemade soap.

Even though Bernstein told them truthfully that the packages were soap, they arrested him. Police also tested the soap for cocaine. The tests came back positive, so Bernstein did 29 days in jail. Upon further inspection, experts confirmed what Bernstein said the entire time: it was just soap.

Police charged the driver with marijuana possession and speeding and sent Bernstein to jail for cocaine possession. Bernstein filed a lawsuit for about $150,000 in damages; he missed Thanksgiving with his toddler, spent time in jail, and experienced severe defamation. Pennsylvania state police decline to comment.

Source: US News