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Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson had a whirlwind romance that turned drastically sour.  Just weeks before their marriage, an argument turned physical, and the women were arrested for domestic violence. Nevertheless, they wed in May of this year, and soon after, Johnson announced that she was pregnant, a result of artificial insemination. The very next day, Griner filed for an annulment. They had been married for 28 days.  In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Johnson opened up about not being a lesbian, meeting Griner, their engagement, the infamous fight and going through the process of having children.

Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner Meeting & Johnson Not Being a Lesbian:

Johnson says she and Griner met in 2013 at a basketball camp in Las Vegas.  She says she had never been with a woman before but after Griner put the moves on her and they had several drinks, things progressed from there.  “I wasn’t thinking about her being a female. She was just somebody who was showing me a really, really good time.”

“Not a lot of people understand it. They wanted me to be a lesbian who converted from being straight,” she says. “It just doesn’t work for me like that.” She remains straight, she says. She simply fell for an individual.

Getting Engaged:

Johnson says Griner proposed to her at a party in 2014.  Johnson says she was unprepared and it was too much for her.  “Was I ready for it? Probably not,” she says. “What am I going to say, no? All the cameras are in my face.”

Doing In Vitro Fertilization:

They made plans to buy a house together and start a family. It seemed like a logical time to get pregnant, since Johnson was sitting out her Russia season. The women agreed she would sit out the full year and do in-vitro fertilization, then train hard after the birth and try to get traded to the Phoenix team. They connected with a doctor in Phoenix and picked a sperm donor — a blonde, blue-eyed man, chosen by Griner, says Johnson.

The Fight:

Back home, she pulled Griner aside and asked her not to be disrespectful in front of her sisters. “She started throwing a fit, huffing and puffing,” Johnson says. One of Johnson’s sisters tried to defuse the situation, but it got worse. “Brittney put her whole palm in my face,” Johnson says. “I knocked her hand out of my face, and I put my hand on her shoulder and moved her to the side.” Griner stormed off, cursing and calling her names, Johnson says.

A few minutes later, when the women passed each other, Griner grabbed the back of Johnson’s neck and threw her head down. “I’ve never been grabbed or thrown like that ever in my entire life, not by anybody,” Johnson says. “At that point, everything was out there. We were fighting. We were scrapping.” Griner hurled a glass dog bowl. “Her eyes were dead black,” Johnson says. “I thought I could talk to her, but she was not there.” She recalls Griner saying, “I’ve got something for you” and heading to the bedroom. At that point, her sister Judy Johnson called 911.

Johnson says now — although no one revealed it to the police — that Griner had a gun in the house.


Brittney Griner maintains that she was pressured into marriage and kids by Johnson while Johnson says Griner pressured her.  It was clear that neither one of them were ready for marriage but it’s sad that now children are involved in their mess.

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