Giving your man a free pass to cheat while in a relationship has become a hot topic over the past few months. While I can’t even begin to grasp the idea or thinking behind it, more and more celebs are revealing that a “cheating pass” is the solution to a happy marriage.

Toya Wright recently revealed that she allows her husband Memphitz an annual 8-day pass to cheat and during a recent interview actress Mo’nique shared her opinion on the matter.

Check out what she had to say below.

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“The person that you stood up and you said ‘for better, for worse, sickness and in health, richer or poorer’ you took those vows in front of the universe. If you don’t live by them, then maybe you shouldn’t have taken them. And when you say ‘a pass to cheat’… see when you’re with your best friend and you say to your best friend ‘I’m having these feelings about this person, sexually and I wanna share it with you’.. when you’re best friends, you can have those open and honest conversations. Often times people cheat because of something their not getting. But when you have open and honest dialogue and you say we’re just human beings and all these people on the face of the earth, do you think my eyes won’t ever say ‘he’s fine’ or ‘she’s attractive’. Now if you wanna go further with it, let’s be honest enough to have those conversations. What is it about that person that you find that you wanna sleep with? Because they may give you something that I’m simply not willing to do. And if that’s the case, how can I be mad? Because I’m not gon’ do it. Should I deprive you of not having it? That’s when the relationship is real real.”

Check out the full interview below.


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