Lamar Odom is now in the crosshairs of prosecutors who may file cocaine possession charges against him, but if they do, it could be a first for the D.A., which raises troubling questions.

Nye County D.A. Angela Bello says her office is considering filing criminal charges against Lamar, either possession of coke or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

TMZ Sports did some checking, and were unable to find a single case in Nye County where someone OD’d, landed in the hospital, and was prosecuted for drug possession.

An official from the Nye County Sheriff’s office says they have definitely referred such cases to the D.A., but the official does not know of any cases that have actually been prosecuted.

The D.A. was contacted and asked if they ever prosecuted someone who ended up in the hospital after OD’ing on drugs, but could find none.

What’s particularly troublesome with Lamar is, he’s unable to walk, can barely speak and has substantially impaired cognitive function. He may not even be competent to stand trial.

The question is … is he being targeted because he’s a celebrity? A rep in the D.A.’s office says, “He’s not being treated any differently because he’s a celebrity. He’s being treated just like any other Joe Schmo.”

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