Charlie Sheen did what will probably be one of the most difficult things in his life this week; he announced that he is HIV positive on live television in front of millions.

During the interview on The Today Show, Sheen explained that he has paid people “in the millions” to keep his secret on the DL. According to him, he is done paying people to keep his HIV positive status on the hush hush and wanted to come out and let the world know his secret he’s been hiding for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, it looks like he might not have a choice – regardless of his announcement.

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Sheen made it seem like his former sex partners were shaking him down for money when in reality, that may not be the case. It looks like all of his agreements were set in stone and settled with an official contract and lawyers – meaning he will have to pay regardless if the secret is out or not.

According to sources, if Charlie misses an installment now of the hush money, the entire sum will be due immediately. If he fails to pay, the victims can really hit him hard in court for everything he has.

SMH.. what a mess this is.

Source: TMZ