IFWT_Joesph Randle

Finally the footage is out lol.  The video of former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle stealing underwear from a Texas department store hit the web and its pretty funny.

TMZ Sports obtained the surveillance footage showing Randle scouting out the men’s department at Dillard’s in Frisco, TX back in October 2014 before honing in on the Polo underwear display.

You can see Randle do the over the shoulder look as he puts the undies in his bag. He then moves over to the cologne section and pulls the same move with a bottle of Gucci Guilty Black, which btw is the freaking tester bottle.

As Randle tries to casually slip out the door, security moves in and takes him into custody. He eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor theft and was sentenced to 6 months probation.

Randle was cut by the Cowboys earlier this season and is currently looking for another NFL job.

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