The man who found himself at the center of a national news story after being twerked on in a DC gas station is now speaking out. Washington Tharpe, has received a ton of backlash for calling the police over the unwanted twerk, but he is now coming forward with his side of the story, explaining just what the security cameras didn’t show.

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In a sit-down interview with WJLA Crime Investigator Jennifer Donelan, Tharpe explained there’s so much more to the story than just the twerking video that has since gone viral. According to the 40 year-old middle school teacher, the first woman would not stop twerking on him although he told her multiple times to stop. At the same time, the second woman in the red dress, grabbed at his private parts and behind, harassing him for nearly ten-minutes inside the connivence store and carried on outside as well.

“The girl in the red dress hurried and jumped in front of me, grabbed the car door, would not allow me to get into the car,” he recounted, “She said, ‘take us with you.” Tharpe did not call the police until he spotted a group of men standing nearby watching him struggle to get away from the women. He felt he might have been the target of a set up.

Listen to Tharpe’s full story below.

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