Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns

Stephen Curry is the reigning NBA MVP and NBA champion and he and the Golden State Warriors have come out firing once again, starting the season 12-0.  Curry is blazing through several shooting records and many are starting to call him the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA.  Now he’s receiving praise from a fellow point guard who’s also considered one of the best in the history of the league.

In a piece penned by Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, former NBA MVP and current Warriors player development consultant Steve Nash discussed Curry’s maturation and explained how the 27-year-old’s ever-expanding skill set separates him from his contemporary and historical peers.

“He’s maybe as skilled a player as we’ve ever had in this game,” Nash said, per Kawakami. “But he has improvements to make as far as his feel and comfort, the cat-and-mouse thing, strategy and picking and choosing a spot, conserving energy and getting the same amount done. He can improve a lot, which is scary.”

It’s important to note Nash is not calling Curry the best to ever play the game. In fact, Nash made it abundantly clear in his conversation with Kawakami he wouldn’t draw a direct comparison between the Warriors star and Michael Jordan.

“I wouldn’t compare him to Michael Jordan—I wouldn’t compare anybody to Michael,” Nash said. “But I would say Steph is turning into a historical category of his own, in a way.”

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source: Bleacher Report