50 Cent says he’s DONE being a Yankees fan and it’s all because Derek Jeter allegedly tried to block him from an male underwear deal because he’s too “urban.”

The majority owner of the Frigo men’s underwear company sued Jeter, claiming he didn’t just back out of an agreement to promote the company but also actively tried to stop them from using 50 as a brand ambassador.

According to the suit, Jeter signed a 3-year deal to be a director of the company in 2011 and agreed to participate in major publicity events.

Things however took a wrong turn in 2013, Jeter allegedly told Frigo he didn’t want his involvement with the company to be public during the U.S. launch.

The company then tapped 50 Cent to be the brand ambassador instead which didn’t bode well with Jeter according to the suit.

Now, 50 Cent has responded on Instagram as he often does when he has an issue with someone.

So far, the allegations against Jeter are just that — allegations — but seems 50 believes where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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source: TMZ Sports